Emergency vehicles

When an emergency vehicle approaches with blue lights on our first reaction may be to move out of their way.  However, we do need to consider where we move to.

Remember!  We are not allowed to make an illegal manoeuvre, so don’t be tempted to mount the kerb, go through a red traffic light, cross a stop line without stopping or enter a bus lane etc.

ALWAYS leave any illegal manoeuvre to the emergency vehicle.  They have exemption from prosecution.  You do not.


I am sometimes asked, “how much should I spend on tyres?”

As tyres are the only thing that connects you to the road when you are in your car you should buy the best tyres available for your model of car.

Poor quality tyres can drastically reduce your grip on the road and could be the difference between stopping safely or having an accident.

You wouldn’t put wellingtons on a racehorse.  Don’t put Botchits budget tyres on your Ferrari.