Driving & Alcohol

These two definitely do not mix.  I have never met anybody who admitted that their drivng was worse after drinking alcohol, although I have seen the attempts of some drunk drivers, which all too often end in tragedy.


If you have a drink, wait at least 12 hours before driving.  Keep yourself safe and your friends & family happy.



Your concentration falls away quickly when you are tired.  This affects your decision making and reaction speed.

If you feel tired whilst driving, open a window for fresh air, and stop for a rest at the earliest opportunity.

REMEMBER!  Many accidents are caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel.

Cockpit Dril

Whenever you get into a car, prior to moving off, you must carry out your cockpit drill.  This involves checking your handbrake is on, gearstick is in neutral, all doors are shut correctly, adjusting your seat, seatbelt, steering wheel height, and finally your mirrors.

This is to ensure that you are comfortable, can reach all the controls with ease and have good all round vision.

Remember:  If you FAIL TO PREPARE, then you should PREPARE TO FAIL.


Anticipation is a crucial part of driving.

With good anticipation you can avoid getting into potentially dangerous situations, because you can adjust your driving to compensate for another drivers actions which you have anticipated.

An example is………… why is the oncoming car close to the centre of the road, yet not indicating right.  The chances are he has forgotten to signal, or there is a fault on his indicators.  You anticipate that he may turn across you and you adjust your speed accordingly.

When the car sweeps across the road in front of you, it doesn’t catch you unawares and once more you have kept yourself, and others, safe.

Another great result!